About us

Since i was 14 years old i was always in to music. I was listening as much as i could to music. On the radio, television or tapes that i recorded in my free time. Music has always been a big part off my life. Then there where not a lot of options to listen to music. You where quite limited on the way you would choose the music you wanted to listen to. In the present time everything changed. You have a lot of options. Ever since i started to be interested in all of this technology I was following it with a lot off interest.

This year i decided to undertake something to be part off this new age! I set up an internet radio station and called it: Radio Pixel. For me this whas a dream that come true. For a lot off people (especially the younger generation) It doesn't seem so special because they grew up with it. For me it's a big step in my life.

Everything you see on this webpage is fairly simple. But this is only the beginning. I am not a big company and i don't have an unlimited budget. But what i am trying to build is priceless. I want to build a strong internet radio station with all sorts of electronic music to fit everybody's interests. For me it will be a platform to let people hear my music and i can make livesets for you all to hear.

Producer / DJ   Proud owner of Radio Pixel. 

Listen to the live-stream 24 Hours a day! And it's all free to use! I encourage free music because it makes this world so much better! If you want to support me send me an e-mail with the contact form. In the future i will make facebook and twitter accounts so you can follow what i'm doing.


Below you can find updates about Radio Pixel and what is happening behind the scenes!

02-02-2015 Website up and running. Obviously it is not yet finished. I am working on this to complete this in a few months.

02-02-2015 Contracts made with Buma/Stemra. This will ensure that the radio is legal and everybody can listen to it.

04-02-2015 Work has started on designing the logo and the website design. This is a time consuming process but when it is finished you will see it immidiatly!

06-02-2015 Programs made and playlists added! Check the program site to learn more about what you can hear on this radio!